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EZ Company Pro.

Through marketing and sales, we are a best-in-class manufacturing services company that enables design/engineering teams to thrive through innovation and production breakthroughs.



We’ve worked with large manufacturing, aerospace, and military companies.

We also represent manufacturers of new up-and-coming EV start-ups, helping their design teams build the future of automotive.


We specialize in representing manufacturers, helping market the services and products offered.

We’ll look at your business with a new perspective focusing on increasing all categories of sales. Discovering new markets for your product or service by developing creative ways of approaching prospective clients. When it comes to increasing sales our persistence and industry knowledge is our greatest strength.

Our Services Include:

  • Representation of Manufacturers.
  • Engineering Services.
  • CAD Computer-Aided Design Services.
  • Robotic Systems.

We look forward to helping your team thrive through innovation.
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